How to Install iPhone App

Step:1 Go to your home screen, and press the “App Store” icon.

Step:2 Type in “gocallfast” in the search bar.

Step:3 Press the “GOCALLFAST” search result.

Step:4 Press the “INSTALL” button located on the right side of the screen.

Step:5 After the download and install is complete, press the “OPEN” button located on the right side.

Step:6 Press OK on the push notifications request.

Step:7 If you already have an account setup with us, then you can simply press “LOGIN”. If you do not have an account setup with us, then skip to step 9.

Step:8 Enter your User Name, which is your phone number that you registered with, starting with the country code. For Example, for USA it would be 1908XXXXXX. Then enter your password on the second field and click login. If you do not remember your password, click “BACK”, and then click “SIGN UP” and follow ahead starting at Step 9. This will resend your password even if you already have an existing account setup.

Step:9 Press the Signup button if you are a new customer, or if you are an exisiting customer that has forgotten their password.

Step:10 First, select your country of residence, then enter your mobile number starting with the area code. For example, once I select USA, the country code “1” is already entered on the right side, so I will simply start with area code 908XXXXXX as the rest of my number. Then click signup.

Step:11 Press “Yes” to receive a text message (SMS) with your password details so you can proceed further.

Step:12 Press the “INSTALL” button located on the right side of the screen.

Step:13 Enter that password you just received on the text message (SMS) and press Submit. If you have not received the text message (SMS) and entered the wrong number by mistake, press“back” on the top left and repeat steps 10-12.

Step:14 You will see on the top left it should say “registered” and on the top right it should say your “balance”. Your balance will be 0.00 if you are a new customer, and you will need to recharge your account to start making calls following step 15. Once you recharge your account and see a positive balance, you can come back here and start making calls.

Step:15 Click the 3 dots on the bottom right where it says “more” and then click the “recharge” button.

Step:16 Press “Pay By Card” to proceed with the recharge.

Step:17 Select the amount you want to recharge from the drop down menu, and once you have selected the amount ($10, $20, $30, $50, $100) then click “confirm”.

Step:18 Enter your card details in this section, and enable “auto top-up” if you would like it to automatically replenish your account after it reaches a certain balance. This was your last step, after you click “Pay XX USD” and your account is recharged, you may click the DIALPAD on the bottom and start making calls.